Bacterial Treatment Products

Septic tank cleaners

While all toilets function best with biological cleaners, septic systems need them. Here you can find a cistern block that will not harm the delicate balance of microbes in your tank. 

Mrs Martin’s Probiotic Flush Cistern Block 100g

Mrs Martin’s Pobiotic Tank&Drain Powder 500g

Septic and Fat Trap Gobbler

Potent enzyme producing bacterial treatment for septic tanks, septic systems, and drain lines which digests solid waste, reduces odours, and keeps systems flowing naturally

Ecozyme Fat Trap Gobbler

The advanced bacterial consortium
in Fat Trap GobblerTM are highly
intelligent as they produce the
requisite enzymes to rapidly
degrade and break down the fats,
oils, greases, proteins, and starches
found in grease and fat trap
environments, and in turn cleverly
use those components as food
sources. Fat Trap GobblerTM is a

proprietary super high lipase
enzyme (fat eating) producing
bacteria which gives it its amazing
and consistent results. Regular
dosing with Fat Trap GobblerTM
completely eliminates the
aforementioned challenges, the
grease is permanently converted
into water and carbon dioxide!

Ecozyme Septic Tank Gobbler

The treatment contains unique enzyme producing bacteria microorganisms which don’t just emulsify the waste but actually feed on and totally eliminate it, with the resultant byproducts being carbon dioxide and water! Septic Gobbler™ is totally safe and is nature’s way of treating, digesting organic waste, eliminating odour and removing organic buildup from pipes, tanks, leach drains, septic tanks and septic systems.

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